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That last pod system you’ll ever need? No, but it’s decent, reasonably priced and worth getting. I’ve been vaping this using only 10-15mg nic salts. You can go higher and the manufacturer states that thicker liquids including cbd can be used in the pods.

OVNS has some interesting products. The JC01 is touted as a “Juul Compatible” system – being able to use either JC01 pods, or Juul pods in this device. The JC01 is a draw activated, plug and play pod system… Simple in design and use.

++++Bear in mind – the Juul is temperature controlled. The JC01 is constant wattage – so the vape experience interchanging pods WILL NOT be the same! ++++

****OVNS JC01
Battery 400 mAh
Pod Capacity 0.7 mL
Pod Resistance 1.5 and 2.0 ohm pods
Charge time 30 minutes

Battery 200 mAH
Pod Capacity 0.7 mL
Pod Resistance 1.8 ohms
Charge time 25 minutes

The difference in pod resistance should tell you right off the vape is not going to be the same between devices…..ok, point made.

Physical Parameter:
Size: 65x8x40mm
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
JC01 Ceramic Tank:
Capacity: 0.7ml
Resistance: 0.5ohm
Coil type: Ceramic coil
JC01 e-liquid pod:
Capacity: 0.7ml
Resistance: 2.0ohm

Build – The JC01 is decently built. The early versions I have are grippy, rubber coated bodies – there are newer versions that have look different – smoother – but I haven’t seen one in person, so I can’t verify at this point. One small note that even the rubberized version is a fingerprint magnet…… Micro USB port on the bottom – the indicator LED’s are on the front and the pod dock on top. There are no buttons or adjustments on the JC01. The JC01 uses it’s own proprietary chip, the “smart” MCU chipset with airflow control.

Pods – Ceramic coil works decently well. Pods consist of the actual pod, rubber stopper and plastic cap/mouthpiece. The pod life is not spectacular, but the replacement pods are decently priced at under $10 for a 3-pack. I’ve been getting maybe 4 fills from a single pod ( YMMV ).

Vape Quality – Tight draw with a small air-hole gives you reasonably good flavour on your tongue. Seems a tad airier than an actual Juul pod, but it’s quite good and consistent – it does drop off when the battery runs down.


I’ve been using the JC01 for a few weeks now. Pod life isn’t the greatest, but they are ceramic and offer decent vape quality. The JC01 is compact and pocketable. The draw activation has been flawless and the device has been working well without issue. Note that the MCU chip has a 5 second cut-off and it usually takes a second to get full flavour happening. For under $35 CND, you can have the device, USB cable and a box of 3 spare pods and go the month. Just add your favourite nic salt and you’re off to the races. It’s not a game changer, but it’s worthwhile. Expect somewhere around 500 charge cycles on something like this.

Package Contents:
1 x OVNS JC01 Pod System
1 x Refillable Empty Pod Cartridge (Pre-installed)
1 x Micro USB Cable

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