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Ma Sauce – X-RAY

Ma Sauce – X-RAY
60mL V3 Chubby Gorilla Bottle – 3mg nic
Ratio: Not listed but appears to be 70VG / 30PG

Main Flavour: Grape

***Disclosure – sample was received for review purposes.

Grape is obvious from the label pic. Crack the bottle and you’ll get a soft grape kool-aid aroma. Direct tasting, you get a grape drink kind of flavour with a bitey back-end. In the vape, it comes across as a tart sweet-tart type of grape… tart, slightly dry. There’s a hint of cool in the back-end. It lingers almost like a light menthol but it’s cooling. It’s a bit different than most grapes and definitely not balls out sweet like most grapes are. The ice is a nice effect to make it different.

Vapour production is decent for what I think is 70/30 and throat hit was good for 3mg. Mouth feel is excellent – full and pleasing without the artificial sweetener after-taste. X-RAY shows a light golden colour but wasn’t overly harsh on coils or cotton.

Iced grape is nice change from regular grape drink flavours. Ma Sauce should be releasing this soon.


Bottled by Bablito Industries