Hardware Coil Vapes/ Mission VX – Day Won

Coil Vapes/ Mission VX – Day Won

Day Won Review
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  • Device Fit and Finish
  • Vapor Production
  • Flavour
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  • Versatility
  • Value

Day Won – A Coil Vapes / Mission XV Collaboration

NOLA meets the 6ix


“Launched in 2017, Mission XV has been focused on creating the best RDA’s in the market today. Our company has been built on creating high quality products with a passionate group of entrepreneurs focused on providing the best products and best service. We believe in an exclusive vaping experience which is why we ensure to provide state of the art products at an affordable price. Our group of innovators is eager to present the newest trends and exceptional hardware to the vaping community.”

The Day Won is a 22mm dual post, single coil – single airflow atomizer constructed of  316 Stainless Steel. It’s a sleek design featuring the same squonk pin setup of the KRMA – that is it uses a grub screw to block the 510 pin – and stores right on the bottom of the deck when not in use. This atty will have you in awe of it’s sheer versatility – from MTL draw to wide open lung hits.

I spoke briefly with collab partner Dean Hionakis about the Day Won. He stated, “I know people will start off with aggressive coils but hopefully they will understand that a simpler build will result in a more pleasurable vape. Let the RDA work for you and not your build.” Dean has been using simple round wire builds. Dean also emphasizes, “The Day Won is designed to bring out the best notes in your liquid.”


– 316 SS construction

– 4mm x 1.5mm slotted airflow

– leak resistant design

– 4mm depth juice well

– bottom feed ready

– adjustable step-down airflow

– locator pin to prevent cap from spinning

– deck cut-out for easy trimming of wire leads

– 6 piece design includes: deck, cap, airflow ring, drip tip insert,

drip tip and squonk pin + the included SS beauty ring.


– RDA Height (without DT): 15.7 mm / With Tip: 23.7 mm
– AFC O-ring: ID-17 mm x 1 mm DIA
– Deck O-ring: ID-17 mm x 1 mm DIA
– Integrator O-ring: ID-11 mm x 1 mm DIA

– Drip tip Height: 8 mm
– Drip tip Bore: 4.5 mm /DIA 1 mm
– Drip tip O-ring: ID-6 mm x 1 mm DIA

– Grub Screw Thread Size: M2.5
– Thread Pitch: 0.45 mm
– Length: 3 mm
– Drive Size: 1.3 mm

– Squonk Pin Thread Size: M2
– Thread Pitch: 0.4 mm
– Length: 3 mm
– Drive Size: 0.9 mm

– Beauty Ring size OD- 24 mm x ID 22 mm x Height 7.75

– Positive Pin Allen Key 2.5 mm or torx T10

*DIsclosure – item was received for testing purposes.

I received my package from Mission XV a few weeks ago. The version I am testing is a “prototype” and there will be a few minor changes prior to retail release. A follow-up to the KRMA – in collaboration with Coil Vapes – let’s look closer at the Day Won:

22mm diameter 316 stainless steel . The bottom is engraved with another eye-catching design. Retail editions will, of course, be numbered. The cap design is quite striking as well showing a stylish profile. Two clamp posts are able to handle up to 2mm diameter wire. This will limit your builds as compared to the KRMA but once you play around, you’ll find out that the bigger posts aren’t a necessity. They will comfortably hold most Clapton builds. Gone is the centering channel – as the Day Won will see you wanting to build offset – closer to the airflow.


The juice well is deep, but in this case, only runs 4mm deep and is not undercutting the posts. Also note that the squonk pin does protrude a millimeter above the deck. On the airflow intake, the Day Won uses the same “style” step-down airflow as the KRMA, however, the appearance inside the chamber is a bit different. There is an effectively 1mm protrusion into the chamber, but the design is somewhat more integrated than the KRMA.  The fit and finish was excellent. The only issue I had was with a drip-tip O-ring, which I easily replaced. There are no issues with e-liquid leaks – or stray air entering the chamber even with the number of pieces.

Squonking? The Day Won comes “squonk-ready” and uses the same “bottom feed toggle” found on the KRMA – a plug is cleverly stored directly in the base, that screws into the 510 pin to turn this atty from squonker to dripper. Again, there is no need to remove the entire 510 pin for conversion.

You can use your favorite 510 drip-tip. The flat “integrator” allows you to use any 510 tip.

Well, now that the technical aspect is out of the way, how did it vape?


V-E-R-S-A-T-I-L-E !


I put 5 test builds in the Day Won before I publicly posted any thoughts in their group. I’ve now used everything from 28 gauge K1 to 20 gauge comp wire to 30/38 Ni claptons. The Day Won is capable of being vaped direct lung with wide open air using an aggressive build. The Day Won is equally capable of going right down to MTL with a pinhole airflow using 28 gauge. The reduced chamber is key. The chamber design is not prone to excessive turbulence and there is also an ultem insulator between the posts that aids in blocking the “dead space” behind the posts. This results in dense vapor and excellent flavor rendition. Even simple wire builds will allow you to taste subtle notes other atties may have you missing – with the benefit of “no spit-back”. I’m currently settled into a 5 wrap 30/38 Ni Clapton build ohming out at 0.70 at around 20 watts. There is no slot on the one post to slide the lead in from the side, so the Day Won is minimally more difficult to build. No matter how you build it – the draw is super smooth. This is true whether drawing hard on a tight airflow, or drawing long for a direct lung.


Some of the same elements of older brother KRMA, but very different in form and function. The Day Won will allow you to use simpler, less aggressive builds – thus saving battery and lowering e-liquid consumption with the added benefit of maintaining fantastic flavor reproduction. My suggestion is to use simpler builds at slightly higher ohms – because of the single airflow. The singular airflow does not require crazy complex or low builds to produce flavor.

This collab was a match made in heaven. Don’t sleep on this if you get the opportunity… and of course, watch for some great accessories to dress this up.


Estimated retail price: USD $85.99

www.missionxv.com  and www.coilvapes.com



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