Desserts/Treats Cassadaga Liquids – Cannoli Be One

Cassadaga Liquids – Cannoli Be One

Cassadaga Liquids – Cannoli Be One

Officially Canadian compliant.

60ml plastic unicorn bottle – 3 mg nic
Ratio: 80 VG /20 PG

Main Flavor: Cannoli Pastry

Preferred build: Was fine dripped hot. Heat will accentuate the pastry portion, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this tanked.

Massachusetts-based and New Jersey-born, John Nathan began vaping in 2009. It quickly turned into a hobby and obsession for him, and by 2011 he had begun creating eliquids for his own personal use.

It wasn’t until 2015, though, that he thought to bring them to market, and began experimenting with more complex blends, and never-before-seen flavor profiles. After months of developing what was supposed to be the base for a different pastry flavor, John stumbled upon a happy accident.

The base he had created tasted EXACTLY like a popular Italian dessert, the Cannoli, and thus, the first Cassadaga Liquids flavor was born, with more delicious flavors soon to follow.

***disclaimer – none, product was purchased for review

FB groups buzzed about this liquid for months before it landed north of the 49th. Cassadaga had it’s own FB group that buzzed daily with members praising this liquid. I’ve had it for a while and thoroughly enjoy this flavor. Typically, I try not to buy into hype – put a liquid in the “right” promoters hands and even average liquids come across as the “next best liquid”.. ever…. although not often the case….. Sometimes, the hype train is real.

Creamy layers. Thick, rich, sweetened to more closely emulate Ricotta cheese. Light powdered icing sugar as done true to taste. Throw in a light, dry, fried Italian pastry with hints of nut – perhaps almond, and a slight bite like cinnamon spicing – barely noticeable, but there… this one emulates a cannoli as best an e-liquid can. People have used the words “addictive” and “amazing” to describe Cannoli Be One – I agree !

Mild throat hit at 3mg, but dense clouds in a flavorful creamy vape ! Definitely benefits from a steep. All day worthy – Only real negative is it was relatively difficult to get a hold of in Canada up until a couple of weeks ago.  No longer at that “premium” US liquid price, this one is now fairly accessible.

I got through INC.

Now co-packed with Canadian compliancy by

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