Bo Vaping – Bo+

Bo Vaping – Bo+

Bo Vaping – Bo+

Boxed Kit includes:
Bo+ Unit
Leather Case
USB C Charge Cord
Instruction Booklet

Bo Vaping returns with the Bo+. Using the same 1.5ml “pod” system of the One, the Bo+ has several noted improvements from the original.

The Bo+ comes with a thicker body, complete with a rubberized top and side portions that, as a unit, feels better in the hand. The non-rubberized exposed portion appears to be a fairly scratch resistant ceramic material The unit weighs in at probably double the 22 grams of the One, but that’s what a larger battery will do. Chunky, but solid feel. Length wise, the Bo+ with a pod is slightly longer than the One, it now measures out to 105mm total length by about 25mm wide x 13mm thick.

The Bo One had a 380 mAh battery, the Bo+ is now equipped with a beefy 800 mAh battery. The result is a battery capable of two day life. The trade-off is, of course the added size and weight. The huge bonus is with the use of USB C charging, the unit can be quick charged in roughly 15 minutes. The USB port is one the side of the unit, and has a rubberized cover.

The Bo+ now comes with a multi-colour indicator that displays when you draw on it, and also when charging. Blue for full, white for half and red for low charge…

The Bo+ offers increased airflow without sacrificing any flavour. The original specs mentioned “control”, but there doesn’t seem to be any adjustment. The increased airflow means a bit more vapour production, but the draw isn’t quite as tight as the One.

The Bo+ retains the same “plug and play” ease of use and lives true to the “Just Simple” company motto. I actually find myself preferring the beefier feel and the convenience of multi-day battery life.

The Bo system remains my “pod” system of choice. The devices and the wide range of available flavoured pods make this my “go to” carry of choice. It is both stylish and functional and the vape is well suited to a new vaper transitioning from cigarettes, as well as a seasoned picky user.

The release seemed to be slightly delayed in Canada, but is now available at Bo retailers across Canada.


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