Supply Vape Co – #DOMO

Supply Vape Co – #DOMO

Supply Vape Co – #DOMO
100ml Chubby Gorilla – 0mg nic
Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG

Main Flavour: Strawberry Chew

Preferred build: 5/4 24 gauge K1, 2.5mm ID in the KRMA Atty.

Disclosure: None

The man behind the Fu Man Brews line and creative people behind Drip Social have done a collaboration project for 2018. Together, they formed “Supply Vape Co” and released two excellent flavours #domo and #hypu.

#DOMO is a strawberry “chew”. Open the bottle and you’re met with sweet strawberry. Directly to the tongue – strawberry flavoured taffy-like candy. Mimicking the popular candy Hi-Chew, it’s the Japanese version/equivalent of Starburst, only better IMO…. The candy version has a very distinctive latex-like chew quality. They taste like the actual fruit, in a bright, candied version.

In the vape, candied strawberry. Slightly tart, yet sweet and mouthwatering, softens on the exhale to a candyish, sweet syrup kind of after-taste. Not even close to the “usual” strawberry-type flavours that are out there. I’m a fan of most Asian inspired candy flavours , so this one’s another win. It is “chew” like, but not really buttery or salty like taffy….still, as addictive as the “real” candy.

Cloud production is decent for a 70VG and throat hit was minimal as I was testing with a 0nic. Clear liquid has been relatively easy on coils and cotton with normal degradation for my usage. Better done than some other previous versions floating around. Definitely all day vapable, but much better in a “flavour atty”.


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