Wild Predator Vapor Co – Sid Sauce – Doesn’t Suck

Wild Predator Vapor Co – Sid Sauce – Doesn’t Suck
60ml childproof plastic unicorn bottle – 0mg nic
Ratio: 84VG / 16PG

Preferred build: Lemon always benefits from heat. Hot builds will make the citrus ‘pop’. Tested on 28/36 K1 fused clapton on a 3mm bit – 5/6 wraps ohming out at .36 – on the Flav RDA. Running it at 47 watts on a regulated.

Sid Sauce is a spin-off from the original Wild Predator line. Simon did great things with the flavours of the original ( my favs were Head Tilt and Snort ) and great things also expected here.

Doesn’t Suck is described as a lemon milkshake. You probably know lemon vapes are usually my preferred…hitting this one first.

Crack the bottle and you get a soft lemon scent. Direct on the tongue, you get almost a Sheriff’s Pie filling kind of lemon flavour, that finishes with a soft, creamy finish.

In the vape, the lemon tones down to a almost a lemon gelato type of flavour. Mildly tart front tapers sweeter and finishes with a milky/creamy sweet backend. It’s like if you took the filling from a lemon pie and blended it into milk and ice cream.
It’s exactly what you’d expect a lemon milkshake to taste like. Mix is just right – well balanced, and not over-powered by the lemon – nor is it thick and chewy from the milkshake.

Cloud production was excellent being 84VG and throat hit was smooth as it was a 0 nic. Mouth feel was excellent – full but not “chewy”. Liquid is clear, and hasn’t been overly rough on coils or cotton life. Bottles come complete with all necessary info and warning and also have lot number and born date.

Kind of addictive…and different enough from Snort from the OG line to pick up and try.

***Recommended for lemon lovers !

Online direct: www.wildpredator.com

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