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MISSION XV – KRMA RDSA – Day One Edition

  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 22mm diameter
  • Leak resistant design
  • Deep juice well
  • Day One Edition has gold plated brass 510 – Retail version will come with 316 Stainless Steel 510
  • Clamp style post using flat head grub screws
  • Adjustable step-down airflow
  • Changeable 6mm black delrin drip tip
  • Dual 1mm O-rings
  • Bottom feed ready

Launched in 2017, Mission XV has been focused on creating the best RDA in the market today. Mission XV has been founded by a group of vaping enthusiasts that wanted to create the most comprehensive and flawless RDA. Since our inception we have made great strides in re-engineering and redesigning our RDA to create the ultimate vaping experience. Our company has been built on creating high quality products with a passionate group of entrepreneurs focused on providing the best products and best service. We believe in an exclusive vaping experience which is why we ensure to provide state of the art products at an affordable price. Our group of innovators are eager to present the newest trends and exceptional hardware for the vaping community this is just our beginning.


( Measurements below are approximate according to my failing eyesight and were not provided by maker. )

The people at MISSION VX present the KRMA RDSA. It’s a marriage of function and form. 22mm diameter 316 Stainless Steel construction is well machined. The top cap offers a “zen-like” simplicity in design – clean, with a bevel that gives it a unique profile.

The deck is patterned on the bottom showing the KRMA logo and name. Retail editions will have the serial engraved. Two clamp posts are ideal for almost any sized single coil build. The posts use slotted screws and hold anything from single wire builds to more complex clapton builds with ease ( approx 1.5mm x 3.5mm max). For ease of build, there are also 2 notches in the base to ease positioning and centering of coils.

The juice well is a deep 6mm. It is also cut out underneath the posts. This depth, in conjunction with the use of a 1mm protrusion from the airflow slots result in an almost leakless design. You would seriously have to try hard to make it leak under normal circumstances – true of both dripping and squonking functions.

RDSA? Squonking is a forte, not an after-thought. The KRMA comes “squonk-ready” with a bottom feed pin in place. The hidden gem is what the makers call the “bottom feed toggle.” A plug is cleverly stored directly in the base, that screws into the gold-plated squonk 510 pin to turn this atty from squonk to dripper. No longer a requirement to take out the entire 510 structure to change from one vaping style to the other – and a place to store the plug when not in use. The squonk pin is level with the deck bottom, so over squonks are easily sucked back into the bottle.

The airflow is stepped down. 4mm x 1.5mm dual slots are single stepped down to coil level. First thing you’re going to ask about it – “stepped and with the protrusions – it must be noisy?” Nothing could be further from the truth. The design offers a smooth airflow that is whistle free. The draw doesn’t appear to be overly turbulent aiding in accentuating flavor. The flavor is excellent. I’ve tried a variety of builds, resistances and wire types and the KRMA handled them all well. This atty has the versatility to be used by almost every vaper, except maybe the competition cloud chucker.

Retail packages will come with SS cap, black delrin cap and spares and I understand a whole lot of people are looking at providing after-market caps in colors and various high end finishes. The MISSION XV team includes some very experienced marketers. Don’t let what some claim as hype fool you – this atty is everything it’s cracked up to be. It’s already been in the hands of some well known and highly regarded vapers in the community, and has received only positive feedback.

( image courtesy of MISSION XV )

Easy to build, easy to use, excellent flavor production and vape quality at an affordable price.

***Highly recommended


Price point is scheduled at USD $85-95


Wholesale inquiries: sales@missionxv.com

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