Professor Pibblesworths – Hacuto

Professor Pibblesworths – Hacuto

Professor Pibblesworths – Hacuto
60ml childproof glass dropper bottle – 3mg nic
Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG

Preferred build: Tester build – single 28/36 Ni fused clapton, 4/5 wraps on a 3mm bit in the KRMA by MISSION XV.

The maker’s description: Hacuto is a smooth hazelnut custard tobacco.

Hacuto comes from the same people that brought you the SOAK Eliquid line. I can tell you the the Professor Pibblesworths line is subject to the same thoughtful crafting and execution as the SOAK line.

Crack the bottle and you’ll inhale a creamy hazelnut. It almost has a “liquer” scent to it. Direct tasting, the hazelnut comes across fairly boldly with a slight eggy, creaminess…. followed by the bite of the tobacco.

In the vape, the flavour loses the hazelnut liquer note and translates to a fairly smooth taste. Hazelnut flavour with the eggy custard is smooth. Almost a spicy, dry type of tobacco blend which is underneath and more prominent on the finish.

Vapour production was decent for a 70/30 and the throat hit was mild for a 3mg. Mouth feel was full as you would expect a nut/custard/tobacco would be. There’s a mild dryness – but that doesn’t detract from the fullness. Golden brown in colour, the liquid was surprisingly decent on coils and cotton. I didn’t find the need to change and clean as I would some well known coil-killers. Bottles are currently compliant with all necessary info and warnings, and include “born on” and expiration dates.

Again, another well executed offering from north of the GTA. Hacuto, along with Secutto, would make excellent choices for any new vaper transitioning from cigarettes. The tobacco back-end is well done and the combo would equally appeal to more refined palettes. That being said, it is more hazelnut custard dominant with the tobacco accent.



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