Sovereign Juice Co – Mango Wango 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle – 3mg nic Ratio: 70VG / 30PG Preferred Build: Tester build in the B2K atty by BBVapes, using a 5 wrap 26/26 SFC using Definitive Coils with a 3mm inside diameter with Dvnk Kultur3 Cotton. Disclosure: None BC’s Sovereign JuiceRead More →

Supply Vape Co – #DOMO 100ml Chubby Gorilla – 0mg nic Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG Main Flavour: Strawberry Chew Preferred build: 5/4 24 gauge K1, 2.5mm ID in the KRMA Atty. Disclosure: None The man behind the Fu Man Brews line and creative people behind Drip Social haveRead More →

Salt Nix – Neon Berries 15ml childproof glass dropper bottle – (Nicotine Salt @ 20mg) Ratio: 50VG / 50PG Main Flavour: Mixed Berries Preferred build: I have no preference, per se, as nicotine salts are made for higher ohm, lower wattage devices. Vaped in the iCare with the 1.1 ohmRead More →

E-Apothecary – Elizabeth Tears 60ml glass dropper bottle – 3mg nic Ratio: 85 VG/15PG Main Flavour: Light Custard Secondary Flavours: French Vanilla, Candied Berries Preferred build: Tester build just works – single 4 wrap 28/38ni Clapton in the Hadaly. I also ran a tank through the new Cleito with theRead More →

Smuthen – Original 60 ml glue top plastic bottle – 3mg nic Ratio: MAX VG Main Flavour: Orange, Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Preferred build: You can mess around, or you can save time and go straight to a hot dripper build…… Tester build: 4 wrap 28/38ni single Clapton in theRead More →

MEO Ejuice – Yet un-named 30ml childproof glass dropper bottle – 3mg nic Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG Main Flavours: Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut Secondary Flavour: Dragon Fruit Preferred atty: Got this in the Cosmic Innovations Quasar rta. 28/36 clapton ohming out to .8ish and it’s all flavour. Equally goodRead More →

Theory Labs – MNG 60ml Childproof Chubby Gorilla bottle – 1.5mg nic Ratio: 80VG / 20PG Main Flavour: Fresh Mango Preferred build: 80VG lends itself to dripping. Can be tanked if your coils and juice-flow can keep up. Using the test setup: Single 28/38ni 4 wrap clapton in the Hadaly.Read More →

Kloudheadz – Syndicate Line – Strength 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle – 3mg nic Ratio: MAX VG Main Flavour: Apricot, Peach Secondary Flavours: Vanilla Cream Preferred build: Still using my testing setup as reference: SIngle coil 28/38ni 4 wrap Clapton in the Hadaly on a mech. Tank users take note theRead More →