Eliquid Tasting Tips

Eliquid Tasting Tips

Before you write off a poor tasting or not flavorful juice:
1)Steep steep steep.
Cap off, warm water, ultrasonic – whatever method you prefer – use it. Give your juice a chance to breath and blend. Time is your friend. I have several bottles of 7 month + still tucked away. Just remember to move back to a dark, dry, cool spot after if force steeping.

2)Match game
Match your device/atty to your juice. Or match your juice to your atty. Every juice will taste different at different temperatures. I love citrus burned hot on a low ohm dripper…. I love some juices much more at .7 or higher. Experiment with your devices and BUILDS. Not every juice will taste good dripped at .009 ohms ! Try different atties, builds, temps, airflow and even different ways of wicking until you find your “sweet spot”!

3)It’s not a gunfight … the quickest draw doesn’t always win
HA ! I’ve chatted to several people about this lately. Just because you have a Sub Ohm – it doesn’t mean you should be taking a cloud chasers haul ! When we smoked, we all hauled a little different. The same really is true vaping – but by changing how you draw, you can dramatically enhance the flavour production.

You can directly control the density of the vapor that flows from the atomizer. A quick draw would pull a more ‘diluted’ vapor because more air is present than the vaporized juice – but if you wish to draw the strongest and densest flavour, just inhale slowly to give more time for the heat to work on the liquid.

Some users will take a longer time to find their perfect draw because each pull results in varying vapor density. As we mentioned earlier, taking faster pulls result in lesser potency, while with slower pulls, the densest flavors. The construction and airflow of your different tanks and atties will also dictate how you draw….. So that means playing trial and error to find that perfect draw in between extremes.


Learn to build, be open minded about experimenting with different atties, builds, coils, AND different ways of inhaling.


Life’s too short for crappy eliquids!