Friends of Vapers Canada

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Apothecar-E Distribution

Amber and the Apothecar-E family have been instrumental in our development. We truly appreciate the guidance and support over the past few years. Thank you for everything!

Apothecar-E is an international distro that services over 30 countries and also offers shipping and export consolidation services. Lines carried include some of the best in the world: Teleos, Note’d, The Steam Factory, Beantown Vapor, Cassadaga Liquids, Infamous, Sicboy, Sicdrip, Boilermaker, Jimmy The Juice Man, Rule 42 and more !

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The Vapeshore

Wes sold me my first “real” gear – an iTaste VV3 back when there were no B&M’s and flea market vendors ruled the Toronto scene. Since then, we’ve watched as Wes and family opened their own shop and after a lot of hard work, just recently celebrated their 2 year Anniversary. We love watching them continue to grow and truly value The Vapeshore’s friendship and support.