Welcome !

Welcome !

Welcome to the home of Vapers Canada Online !

This site is a continuation and extension of www.ejuiceproject.com.

When we originally started, a small bunch of us founded a FB group to review eliquids from Canada and the US.  This continues on, but covering a wider scope than before. We are Canadians, so the postings will be somewhat biased towards what’s available in Canada.

Our philosophy hasn’t changed. We receive samples and purchase a lot of eliquids. We choose not to write unfavourable reviews. Why? Because “our take” on a liquid will not be the same as yours ( the “taste is subjective” argument ). What appeals to us – you may hate and visa versa. It’s a tremendous disservice to discourage people from trying a flavour which could translate into not trying a line – based on our opinions. If we don’t like something, we won’t review it.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not being dishonest as many reviewers would have you believe …

Poke around ….. we’d love to receive your feedback.


Like to contribute content? Email me at vaperscanadaweb@gmail.com